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MASSERIA PETTOLECCHIA INGLESE - Its history, the men and their lands

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ISBN: 9788868061128

Editta Sigrisi in this first work narrates Pettolecchia’s history, one of the most beautiful and special buildings in Puglia. On one hand, she places this "masseria" within the perimeter of its cultural horizons; on the other hand, she projects it in an inner scenery, traversed by a thin veil of nostalgia and pride for its own roots.
Pettolecchia comes alive not only through the story of its ancient origins, patiently sought among dusty papers, but also from the portraits of men and women who loved it and lived in it, the Palmieri.
Tenacious and volitional men, such as Pietro and Francesco, or languid and dreamy, such as Marcello; slight and shining women, such as Ippolita, or concrete and active, such as Isabella… They all are protagonists of the same odyssey: to bring prestige to Pettolecchia, “the safe of liquid gold” produced by the olive trees that surrounded the property.
Pettolecchia has been a family property, which represented a physical place of richness and nobility, but at the same time an abstract refugee for hearts and dreams, where the inhabitants' passions and ambitions could quietly pass over in the silence of the olive trees' lands.

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  • Di: SIGRISI (Editta)
  • Anno di edizione: 2016

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